Common Skin Problems and How Can You Treat Them

Skin Problems

Skin Problems

Skin Problems is one of the largest organs of the body and it is also known as the body’s first line of defense. Whether it is the seasonal variations or the factor of health disorders, our skin tends to bear the after-effects more than any other organ of the body. Thus it is crucial for us all to learn about the various diseases that can leave an effect on our skin.

Given below are some of the common skin problems that one has to update themselves about:


Hands down one of the most common skin issues that have been a major concern for all females and few males around the world is acne. It is one of the major skin disorders around the globe and it can then lead to anxiety issues in teens. 

Acne happens when the hair follicles or the oil glands are blocked by the entry of environmental pollutants or other sorts of hormonal changes. One of the major understandings that many people have is that acne is just the onset of pimples. On the contrary other skin protrusions such as blackheads, cysts, and nodules all such issues also fall under the context of acne in the longer run. 

It is also important to note here that a person can develop acne on any part of the body and not only on the face. 

In case of an acne outburst on your face make sure to consult with your dermatologist as they will tell you exactly what to do in such instances. 


Another skin problem that according to skin specialists in Karachi is a common issue in children and teens alike is eczema. Although scientists are still trying to figure out what it is that exactly causes these diseases they do have set their speculations on the following causes such as:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors
  • Immune system 

It is a common misunderstanding that eczema is because of allergies, no that is so not true. People who have allergies are more prone to the aftereffects of eczema. 

Dermatologists or skincare specialists often recommend people who are suffering from eczema with topical steroids


Shingles is a viral disease that is known to cause serious redness and rashes on different portions of the skin. It can also appear on your torso and even on your feet. Shingle is a disease that also causes serious fatigue and headaches from time to time. 

The same virus that causes chickenpox is also the main reason for shingles. In case a person has acquired chickenpox then they are at a greater risk of getting this disease because the virus tends to stay dormant. 

Dermatologists often recommend a vaccine that is specific to this disease. 


If you are familiar with certain sort of itchiness, redness, and raised welts, then it is a high chance that what you have is what we tend to call hives.  Some of the  most common causes of hives are as follows:

  • Food
  • Bug bites
  • Medications

Make sure to call for immediate assistance if the hives are covering a large area of your body. Hives tend to go away on their own after 2 or 4 hours but in some people, if they do not seek medical assistance. This condition is also known as chronic urticaria. 

One of the best ways one can avoid or prevent hives is if one is able to prevent or avoid the triggers. In order to learn more about the triggers, you have to make sure to consult with your dermatologist. Your primary healthcare providers might also recommend you some medications that might treat these hives once and for all. 


When it comes to sunburn, prevention is always better than treatment. Sunburn is a skin condition that occurs when a person is exposed to too much of UV rays that might come from both the sun and sunlamps. Those who suffer from sunburn their skin tends to get red, painful, and too hot to touch. Under some circumstances, a person’s skin might also start to peel away. 

It is often a difficult task to tell how much of the time is safe in the sun even with all the sunscreen protection. If your child is repeatedly getting sunburns then they are at a greater risk of skin cancers later in their life. 

Given below are some preventions which might prove to be useful while your fight against sunburn. Thus make sure to pay attention:

  • Try to take a cool bath or shower with the help of a mild soap
  • Make sure to drink plenty of fluids
  • Drink green tea in the morning which helps you in treating acne, moisturizes your skin and maintains your skin and hair health.
  • Pay attention to the moisturization of the skin with the help of either a lotion or some aloe vera that might also work. 
  • Your doctor might also recommend you some medicinal lotion to use to ease the pain
  • In the instances of sunburn your doctor might also recommend you some over-the-counter medication

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