5 the best control panel for VPS hosting management

Control panel for VPS

Control panel for VPS

Control panel for VPS The control panel for web hosting is an application that sits on the operating system to provide users with a user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) access. The users can utilize the interface to manage the server and third-party applications in a better accessible way.

By buying VPS hosting in Iran, you get various features with different pricing models. As the licensing fees for web hosting control panels vary, you must be wary of your choice of the control panel for VPS hosting. Indeed, the type of control panel is often ignored while choosing the VPS hosting package, which may take a toll on your nerves later on.

How to choose the best control panel? 

The choice of the best suitable control panel for your Iran VPS package depends upon various factors such as follows;

  1. Budget: By now, we have various options for control panels. You can also find the ones you can utilize without spending even a single penny among these options. However, each control panel will offer different features. Therefore, when deciding on your control panel, you must be clear about what you can afford and what features you essentially need. Notably, even free control panels are powerful enough to serve you efficiently. 
  2. OS: Choice of the operating system is vital to your decision for the control panel. 
  3. Features: Undoubtedly, all the control panels serve the basic features. However, it is always better to know what you need and what unique feature you can leverage with your chosen control panel for VPS. 

Control panels to manage VPS hosting 

Undoubtedly, one can manage VPS hosting in Iran without any control panel. However, it offers an ultimate level of user-friendliness. Hence, it saves your time and reduces the burden on newbie users who are not so tech-savvy.

Users can also opt for manual control with control panels, and most experience developers benefit from this opportunity. Getting services from the best VPS hosting providers in IranNavicosoft, along with the VPS control panel, you can manage; 

  • Cron jobs
  • Applications 
  • Email accounts
  • Domain & subdomain management
  • Bandwidth usage 
  • SQL Databases 
  • Files & folder management
  • Server logs and usage

There is a lot more to a control panel than just mentioned above. Here is a comprehensive list of reliable and viable control panels for VPS hosting. 

1. cPanel

cPanel serves as the multi-platform solution sharing more than 90% of the market. Hence, being widely available, it secures nearly a monopolistic leadership position in the industry. It serves the users with one of the most user-friendly user interface designs.

One can utilize WHM with Cpanel to manage the server administrative tasks. Indeed, WHM is also an easy-to-use tool that may manage accounts for reselling the hosting services. 

Improvising since its release in 1996, Cpanel GUI serves with direct access to a variety of automation and management tools for hosting. Some of the top features of Cpanel include the following;

  • Tried and tested performance and reliability
  • Excellent site maintenance options
  • Strong compatibility with web browsers and add-ons
  • User-friendly even for novice users

2. Plesk 

The second best choice of a control panel for VPS after the panel is Plesk. Initially, it was known as the windows based services only. However, you can utilize it for Linux OS as well. Optimum compatibility between Plesk and Microsoft products makes it the best option, especially for novice users.

Like Cpanel, it also offers a variety of administrative tools to manage various components, including SSL certificate encryption, Magento, CloudFlare, etc. Notably, Plesk does not offer any additional advantages for an average user of VPS hosting. 

In 2017, Plesk was also acquired by the umbrella group that owns XOVI, SolusVM, WHMS, and cPanel, which may pose price spikes. Some of the top features offered by Plesk are;

  • Repair kit
  • WordPress toolkit for scalable WordPress infrastructure support
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Modern UX/UI built on React.Js
  • Mobile accessibility

3. WebMin 

Webmin makes it to the system administrators’ top four favorite control panels for VPS because it is extremely lightweight and does not limit the functionalities. Furthermore, Webmin comes with different server distributions, such as Ubuntu and Debian. 

This web-based control panel may be implied to manage the Linux-based servers. Furthermore, Webmin is modular that offers its users a great option of custom-build the environment. However, WebMin is not as easy to use, even with a graphical interface as cPanel.

Therefore, many newbie users may have to initially suffer using the WebMin user interface. It will not be wrong to state that this lack of usability makes the sole reason for it to lie so low on the list of multiple control panels for VPS. Thedistinct features include;

  • Modular design 
  • Free of cost
  • Powerful features for server management

4. Virtualmin 

It is quite right to state that Virtualmin is the Webmin supercharged version. This PHP-based control panel for VPS supports the UNIX OS, BSD extensions, and Linux distributions at their best. You may choose from the three main versions of Virtualmin: Virtualmin Professional, Virtualmin GPL, and Cloudmin Professional.

Among these three versions, Virtualmin GPL is an open-source version. At the same time, the remaining professional versions are commercial. However, whichever version you may use for your VPS hosting serves you the best. 

5. ISPConfig

It is only available for Linux-based systems such as Fedora, Ubuntu, and CentOS. ISPConfig can be used on almost every scale, making it the best choice for an enterprise environment. Furthermore, ISPConfig is available in 20 languages, and it may work on either virtual or physical servers. The top features of this control panel for VPS Hosting in Dubai include;

  • Stable and high performance
  • Enterprise support
  • Free and open source

Lastly, while choosing your VPS hosting package, you must ensure to choose the one with a control panel that complies with your needs.  

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