6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs LogWork Time Tracker with Screenshot Monitoring It’s all about time!

Business Needs Long Work Time As we all know, time is money and Earninghtt Money is a hard thing to do in this world nowadays. As a freelancer and remote worker, we don’t want to miss out on a single hard earn penny by wasting any minute, and we also want to give satisfaction and confidence to our clients that the given work will be completed before the deadline.

Managing these two things is obviously difficult because we simply lose our concentration and fail to achieve the deadline by being under constant stress.

But not now!

You can achieve your deadline with no stress and anxiety.

But how?!

By using our free application.

“LogWork Time Tracker with Screenshot Monitor feature “

By using our application, you can keep track of time spent on different applications. It’s not only about monitoring your time activity, but it also shows the report in real-time. The screenshot monitor feature will show what you were doing at that particular moment with no hassle.

Business Needs Long Work Time is an easy-to-use and spontaneous SKBA Modz Whatsapp software which helps businesses to deal with the management of their employees work hours and save money on payroll expenses.

It is the key to an efficient, imminent, and vigorous workflow. This is equally important to everybody in an organization, personal life, and in society.


It is all in one multipurpose application designed for users who want to achieve hassle-free time punctuality, manage teamwork, and take screenshots with an automated report generator.


1.     Simple and Easy:

It’s simple and easy to use whether to track the team’s working time or manage your personal task time for any deadline with no hassle. Managing and calculating your time will make your team more productive and focused on achieving the targets really quick. A freelance or remote worker can keep track of working hours with screenshots proof, so they don’t get delayed in their accurate payments.

2.     Accurate and Efficient:

The accurate time tracking with screenshot monitor tracks the hours across your project, clients, and team tasks precisely. Everything is calculated till seconds. No more manual calculation means NO MORE WORRY.

3. Comprehensive Reports:

LogWork time tracking software with Screenshot Monitor feature application not only gives you a time tracker with screenshots but also automated report sheets with no errors.

It will automatically generate reports of your working hours and manage the screenshots as well. LogWork generates 8 types of reports:

  1. Excel timesheet reports
  2. PDF timesheet reports
  3. Employee reports
  4. Client reports
  5. Project reports
  6. App usage reports
  7. Web usage reports
  8. Task note reports

4. Interactive Timeline:

The interactive timeline offers helpful insights related to the time worked daily during your work process. You can also get a broader analysis for various working days since LogWork stores the data for 2 years.

5. Transparency in Work Processes:

Transparency in the work process makes employees more responsible for their tasks. In addition, it allows you to stay up-to-date and stay vigilant about the job being completed in the given time frame.

6. Amplified Responsibility in Employees:

The urge to meet the deadline makes employees more focused on their goals. It helps you to become optimistic and also increases the work productivity.

Try now LogWork’s free trial and understand which features you mostly need!

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