A Christmas like no other, graphic creations and motion designs



This year, with the health crisis, the French Christmas is a little shaken up. Also, in a festive spirit and a desire for a Happy Ending, we offer you a selection of visuals and motion designs on the magical Christmas theme.

The cast of Santa Claus

To start, here’s an animated illustration of Mohamed Hatem: a rather playful and clumsy Santa Claus. In full distribution of gifts, he advances, whistling under the snow, leaving a few packages on his way. We note in the choice of colors used, a dominance of blue, white and red.

Indeed, we note in the foreground, Santa Claus with his basket and his gifts walking in the snow. In the center, the fir trees and the snow-covered ground are animated to simulate the progress of the character. The background remains fixed.

This effect is built on the optical phenomenon which means that when you move, the closest visual elements scroll more quickly than the most distant elements. This adds depth to the motion design.

Once Upon a Christmas

The video production company near me has produced 3 Christmas gifts representing several paintings. Our motion designers tied them together using similar sets and moods. However, each of these three animations illustrates its own story.

Indeed, in her gif, Garance de la Marche animates and redesigns Santa’s sleigh. For this, she takes as an introduction the image of a living room on Christmas Eve and recounts the lightning passage of the tall, bearded

Aymeric Brun for his part, tells us the story of the fascinating snow globe placed just above the fireplace in the living room. He cut out and animated the different parts of the skier’s body to make his movements more fluid. It presents a warm living room, animating the fire of the fireplace with various effects: progressive waves, external lights…

The gift fireplace

In this article, Peter Johns reveals his perception of a fireplace on Christmas Eve. He creates a minimalist visual and animates it in a simple and effective way.

An animation that stands out in the choice of colors and graphics. Indeed, the artist uses the principle of isometry (false perspective) with a flat design style. There is an opposition between the straight lines of the bricks of the fireplace and the gift, and those curves of the smoke and the edges of the fireplace. Only the white smoke from the chimney and the gift are moving in this video. A realization that becomes captivating thanks to the gif format used: the fireplace fills up indefinitely with gifts.

It’s almost Christmas

In this video greeting card made by Tekla Pototska, a small team is busy preparing for the holiday season. Indeed, Father Christmas and his elves prepare gifts and greeting signs before New Year’s Eve on December 24.

These small red and green characters are particularly attractive with their minimalist features and childish spirits. The visual creation is carried out on a plain color background to focus attention on the animation. A line is simple, supported by solid colors, no detail disturbs the author’s message.

A connected Santa Claus

This year, Santa Claus won’t just have gifts in his hands… Carolina Contreras and Form as studio are signing the next visual together. They combine technology and an iconic Christmas character to create a more modern version of the big man.

Here, Santa Claus with smartphone in hand is depicted in a cartoonish way and in a disproportionate design. This original illustration uses the graphics of the motion designers: thick body and small head. The shot, taken slightly from a low angle, accentuates this imposing effect. The work of rounded shapes gives a soft and sympathetic side to the character despite his imposing stature. We also find a digital aspect through the fine white lines that structure his shoes and pants.

Santa’s reindeer

In this video, Sticky Monster Lab features Santa Claus and his reindeer sidekick in some pretty fun animations. This one of the best video companies near me offers us 3D creations with a humorous tone, worked in a contemporary design and rather realistic textures.

Christmas love

Cabeza Patata Studio presents us with many animated visuals in this creative article. Indeed, it personifies and gives life to the various Christmas objects: fir trees, light garlands, balls, socks, gifts, cookies…

The work of shadows and textures (matte effect), gives a rendering approaching modeling clay.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of Christmas illustrations and visuals. We wish you happy holidays and see you next year for new news!

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