All You Need To Know About Luke’s Lightsaber

Luke's Lightsaber

Luke's Lightsaber

Being the most loved and centric character, Luke Skywalker has inspired generations in the Star Wars universe. Luke’s Lightsaber gave us an idea about a galactic world far away from our universe where Force and power lie ahead and above all.

We all want to be a hero like him and wield one of the most powerful weapons of the Star Wars universe. 

But before delving into the ocean of Luke’s lightsaber history, let me tell you something you may find very helpful. You can accomplish your dream of having a saber like your ideal with Luke’s legacy lightsaber. 

Now, let’s talk about the lightsabers Luke had and their features.

History of Luke’s Lightsaber

You must have seen Luke wielding a blue or green lightsaber in the picture, series, or somewhere on the Internet. 

But did you know that Luke had three different lightsabers during the entire Star Wars saga? 

He indeed wielded three lightsabers — all different in design, power, and color.

Let’s discover all of his lightsabers and its unique features.

The First Lightsaber: Blue Blade

The Blue lightsaber was the prominent weapon that Luke wielded. After its first appearance, it was believed to be the most iconic weapon in the Star Wars Universe. 

This saber originally belonged to Luke’s father Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Kept this saber throughout the Clone Wars but lost the possession after dueling with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

After keeping the saber for about two decades, Kenobi offered it to Luke. 

Luke lost possession of his first weapon while fighting with his own father in Cloud City. 

The Second Lightsaber: Yellow Blade

The yellow lightsaber was part of the Star Wars comic book series. It was never seen in any of the Star Wars film series. 

Luke lost possession of the blue lightsaber in a duel with Sith Lord Darth Vader. 

He found the yellow lightsaber in a High Republic Jedi outpost. But later on, this saber was damaged by Killdroids.

The Third Lightsaber: Green Lightsaber

Only for the short term, he had the chance to wield the yellow lightsabers. 

He constructed the green lightsaber in the Return of the Jedi, released in 1983. The green lightsaber was the symbolic representation of renewal, growth, and the natural world. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s third lightsaber inspired the design of the green blade. After losing his yellow lightsaber, he went off to find a new Kyber Crystal. He received a blank crystal that turned green after receiving a vision of Yoda. 

Features of Luke’s Lightsabers

Hilt Construction

The lightsaber’s hilt was usually made of metal used to emit energy from the blade. The metal used to construct the hilt was an alloy and salvaged material. 

Blade Color

The lightsaber consists of a single Kyber crystal made solely responsible for defining the color and strength of the blade. 

Blade design

Luke did not design the blue saber as it didn’t originally belong to him but to his father, Anakin Skywalker. Also, the yellow lightsaber wasn’t primarily designed by him as he found it. 

Blade length

The only blade that he made for himself was a 28-centimeter-long green blade.  

Blade sound

When activated, Luke’s lightsaber produces a snap-hiss sound that is different from the sound of the weapon his father possessed – The blue lightsaber. 

Want To Have a Saber Like Luke?

Being a conduit to the Force, these sabers are extremely important to stand against the enemy. 

We understand your love for Luke and his saber is immense; that’s the reason you’ve reached so far. 

Wanting to feel the essence of Luke’s energy and summon the Force through your own lightsaber is irresistible. You can consider going for Luke’s legacy lightsaber if you really want to have a blade like he does. 

Need to learn about Luke’s legacy lightsaber? Don’t worry!

Luke’s legacy lightsaber is a replica inspired by Luke’s blade. It is made up keeping in mind the appearance and quality of Luke’s lightsaber from Star Wars. Moreover, you get to unveil exciting features these sabers come with depending upon the retailer you buy from.

However, you may look for the most prominent features that make the legacy lightsaber extraordinary. To have this saber means, 

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  • Be a part of ocean-like Star Wars fandom

When you have a Luke Legacy lightsaber, it is possible to feel the Force and promote the embodiment of Master Luke in your spirit. Undoubtedly, replicating your favorite Star Wars character needs a saber that has the essence of your favorite character. Visit for more details:

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