Cloud Telephony in Healthcare Industry- How it Works?

The healthcare sector is seeing rapid expmtonews.organsion across the world. Up to 18% of the US gross domestic product (GDP) is reportedly spent on the growth of the business in the US each year, or over $3 trillion. By 2023, analysts predict India’s economy would be worth $500 billion, thanks to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of between 16.5% and 22.6%. Let’s talk about how cloud-based Healthcare Industry has altered the healthcare industry’s relationships with its customers.

Improvements in technology and an increase in demand from consumers are driving the expansion of this market.

However, improved communication is required to meet the growing demands of customers. In healthcare, it is crucial to keep the patient informed at all times so that they may remain calm even in the most difficult circumstances. As a result, everyone involved in the care process, from the facility staff to the patient, may relax.

The typical hospital calling systems are inadequate for clinics and nursing homes due to the increasing number of patients. That’s why healthcare facilities may benefit from cloud telephony solutions


Customer conversation tracking: While many consumers contact healthcare call centers with inquiries, few of them keep a record of the talks between callers and supervisors.

A lack of conversion tracking makes it difficult for healthcare organizations to keep tabs on how their customers feel about the service they get. As a result of all the fabricated data, the hospital’s credibility has taken a serious hit. Most medical contact centers do not have adequate methods of staff productivity monitoring.

Organizing outbound activities: Many medical centers run programs to boost regular checkups, blood donations, and other community service activities, but they often have trouble keeping track of their extensive patient lists.


Appointment scheduling: Despite the availability of several apps, the majority of patients still struggle to locate a time that works for them.

Patients are often not notified or are advised late of a canceled or postponed appointment due to poor appointment tracking. No of the circumstances, this makes people feel uneasy and makes them distrust physicians.

When it comes to sending out reminders for patients to come in for their scheduled appointments or annual checkups, the majority of healthcare providers still rely on old-fashioned phone calls. This process is manual, thus there is a chance that the patient may miss the alerts.

Diagnostic Centers

It might be challenging to coordinate consumer interactions amongst many locations in different cities. Equally difficult is keeping tabs on how each performs.

The majority of pharmacies and medical clinics either do not have a customer relationship management (CRM) integration or just have a basic one. As a consequence, all past correspondence and patient records are gone.

How Cloud Telephony has Helped Healthcare Facilities? 

Direct support for clients/patients

The ability to communicate effectively in the healthcare industry is crucial. The patient phone system at a hospital should be as user-friendly as possible. With the use of cloud computing and interactive voice response systems, the healthcare business can provide one central number for all customer enquiries.

Calls are routed to the most qualified agent in response to a specific enquiry. In addition, this advanced system may route calls to the appropriate medical professional or department.

Prompt Reminders of Service

Reminding patients of their forthcoming appointments is a common service requested by medical facilities. This is especially true for new parents and the elderly. Setting up simultaneous automated phone calls and text message reminders may save you time and effort compared to trying to get in touch with everyone separately. When you use cloud telephony and healthcare call center software, this becomes very easy to implement.

Doing so can help you build a positive reputation as a patient-focused healthcare provider and reduce the number of patients who fail to show up for appointments.

Computerized Reply Mechanism

Making a good impression on patients is essential for every healthcare provider. Giving the patient a feeling of community will prevent him from shopping around for lower medical costs. This is where hearing from patients directly may help.

With the help of cloud computing in the medical field, collecting patient feedback after each visit is a breeze. You may create a campaign that contacts patients through phone calls and text messages and then organizes their responses in a predetermined way in your control panel.

Refresh Medical FilesHealthcare Industry

The progress of a patient and the effectiveness of their treatment should be monitored often, and this is another responsibility of a typical healthcare institution. Doing so requires recording the diagnoses made, treatments administered, test results, and the patient’s overall state of health. There would be more room for mistake and the agents will become tired if they have to do it manually.

Integrating patient data with healthcare information management systems is a breeze with cloud telephony in the medical field (HIMS). Agents can easily have meaningful exchanges with patients every time.

Attention, Patients!Healthcare Industry

It’s not unheard of for a patient to miss a planned appointment because he forgot to submit samples, didn’t check his findings, or didn’t realize he needed to come in a week ago. Sending a quick reminder in this case is the best way to ensure the patient shows up, even if they’re running late.

Using cloud communication for healthcare facilities, you may have a call sent to the patient 30 minutes before to their scheduled appointment time to serve as a friendly reminder. This will give them time to be ready for it or let you know if they can’t make it so you may reschedule it for someone else. The patient may also get a quick email reminder for the submission of samples and the collecting of reports.

Avoid Risks to Customer InformationHealthcare Industry

Patients are often uneasy with everyone in the healthcare institution having access to their records, including employees. As a result, they need access to trustworthy health communication channels. If you look into cloud communication, you may be able to connect your technicians to your patients while protecting their personal information.

When calls are routed via Office24by7, the only information accessible to the technician is the last conversation they had with the patient. The patient will have far more faith in your clinic as a result of this.

Beginning a thread at the appropriate moment is the first step in creating a loyal customer community.

Big hospitals and clinics aren’t the only ones that can take use of this cloud telephony service. The solution may be useful for healthcare communication between small and medium-sized medical practices, laboratories, and individual physicians.

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