Downtown Miami In US

Downtown Miami In US

When we first started Austin Morell Training we knew that we had to have training available in best Personal trainer Downtown miami. Ever since we opened, the training in this area has increased and there has been such a growth of the city that we have noticed the chance and have been proud to have been a part of it. You can currently find any type of classes around this area. From pilates and boxes to personal defense and HIIT classes. This hub of nightlife and Miami culture has really evolved.

This is the reason that we knew that it would be a good idea to have two trainers that are personalized to this area. While other locations usually have one trainer per location, we knew that Downtown Miami was going to be an area were most of our clients were going to be coming in through. We were not wrong and our clients have increased and continue to increase exponentially in this area. 

Where Do We Train?

We have also expanded to neighboring areas like Miami Beach, Brickell and Wynwood with the goal in mind that we we want to be able to train in all parts of South Florida and some day even expand into other areas of Florida. Additionally we have some clients that step outside the area of Downtown Miami, because we were getting a lot of queries for areas like Weston and Aventura. That is when we realized that we needed to continue to expand because our services were needed in more than one centralized location. By doing so we have been able to expand the clients we can attend and the radius of where we travel to. We do not limit our trainers to a specific area but always ask them if they’re willing to go a little outside their comfort zone if there is a client that is available for them.

This is the reason that we are able to train and locate the clients that we are able to attract because we want to be in many locations at once. best personal trainers in miami 2022 it is also amazing because we have really allowed our clients to teach us the way of how they want to be trained and really trust us to go above and beyond for them.

client achieve trust

This open communication that we set up is what really allows us to continue training them with amazing results. These results are evident and honest because we have been able to achieve all that we have achieved by trusting our clients and really benefiting from their support and their commentary. We always ask the trainers to be in contact with the clients and ask them about what they are thinking about the training. We also really care to see about the process, which is why our CEO is always going out of his way to contact them and tell ask them about the trainers and their process. Whenever we see a client struggling we are there for them and try to pin point where the issue is coming from.

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