Fall in Love with Material Design – 10 Resources

Fall in Love with Material Design

Fall in Love with Material Design

Material design is a group of conventions pioneered by the design team at Google to make mobile applications and responsive web design services that are useful, usable, and understandable. It is guiding principles are ‘Material is the Symbol;’ (a contemporary take on skeuomorphism lite,) ‘Bold, intentional and graphic’ (apparently taking values from flat design and heavy images now popular,) and ‘Motion offers to mean’ (using the now ubiquitous CSS and JS animations for its significant transitions.)

A lot of the conventions in the Material design are an important enhancement on the web, and is assisting move design forward – other website design experts agree. Digging into new responsive web design trends achieving steam in 2020, I decided to design my first website using the ideas of Material design and required to share the resources I have come across that can assist to jumpstart getting down to business with Material Design of the Google.

1. Amazing Templates from Google themselves

It is astonishing how much sharing is going on surrounding the design of Google material. In ‘Material Design Lite,’ Google shares three to four templates to get you started with Material design. These patterns can be wielded to produce some truly pleasant-looking work and I plan to use them in some sites soon.

2. Material Design Palette

My fresh ‘Ultimate designer’s color guide for san diego web design firm 2020‘ shared more than ten tools for designing with color over the next year included this nugget of goodness; this material design color palette tool assists you to discover schemes rapidly and shows you how they would play out in Material Design.

3. Material Up

From CodePen snippets to PSD mockups, Material Up is extremely practical. Some of the designs are just Dribbble ideas but can get you rolling on some UI (User Experience) design. I found this Material design testimonial slider assisted informed some effort I’m doing, and you can likely discover some good stuff as well.

Another material design testimonial idea I discovered on there, is a little more outside the box. If somebody codes this, I would love to see how they select to do it:

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