Have a New Jeep? Here’s a Beginner’s Accessory Buying Guide for Summer 2022!

Buying Guide for Summer

Buying Guide for Summer

Jeep Buying Guide for Summer No doubt you are excited to begin customizing your Jeep for the many adventures ahead. Working on your Jeep will most likely become a lifelong passion, but there are some Jeep gladiator accessories that you can start with to get your foot in the door and your wheels off the road.

Roof Styles

One of the most wonderful things about a Jeep Wrangler is that it has a removable top. Nothing compares to riding around topless in a Jeep. However, when you have the top on, there are a few different style options to choose from: hard, soft or bikini top.

A hard top requires more space for storage and more effort to take on and off, as it does not fold up or become more compact. However, a hard top offers more protection in locales with difficult weather, like snow. Conversely, a soft top can fold up to save on storage space and is great in warm environments. The Jeep YJ soft top is one of the most classic looks there is for a Wrangler.

If you like to leave a full coverage top off for extended periods, having a bikini top on hand is good for shade and wind protection. It is a soft top that only stretches overhead the two front seats. It folds up small enough that you can even store one inside of your Jeep.

Off-Roading VS City Tires

Buying Guide for Summer  comes to Jeeps, tire selection is critical. They are the foundation of all that you do. Tires affect your gas mileage, determine what type of terrain you can venture onto and communicate a lot to the other Jeep owners around you.

City tires are good for maximizing your gas mileage. They are designed for paved roads and high-speed highway driving. If you use your Jeep as a daily driver, this style of Jeep wheels is for you.

If your Jeep is primarily a recreational vehicle, you will need some off-roading tires. There’s a huge amount of variety, taking into account tire size and tread, so you’ll want to give this a lot of thought before choosing. Broadly speaking, the type of tire you choose will be determined by the type of terrain you’d like to Jeep on. Typically, you have the following options:

  • Sand tires– for driving in sand and on dunes.
  • Rock crawlers– for mountainous trails and climbing obstacles, such as boulders.
  • Mudders– for traversing wet, muddy substrates.
  • All-terrain tires– generalized off-roading tires.

To Lift or Not to Lift?

Your tire inclinations can also help determine whether or not your Jeep should be lifted. Lifting your Jeep can accommodate larger tires, give your Jeep more clearance underneath and increase the amount of travel your suspension has (great for big bumps and drops).

Once you’ve got these Jeep basics covered, you can begin thinking about other fun accessories such as grill protectors and spotlights. Customizing your Jeep is a labor of love, so find yourself a reputable Jeep accessory dealer for all your customization needs.

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