Health Kiosk: A need of India in modern times for delivering the best services

Health Kiosk

All of us know that 70% population are lives in rural areas. The population living in the rural areas is facing the problems such as lack of healthcare facilities, lack of medical infrastructure and Health Kiosk, lack of qualified doctors, lack of awareness of diseases, lack of access to essential medicines, etc. 

These problems then lead the diseases such as Malaria, dengue, diarrheal diseases, etc. in addition to these diseases, it is also true that the primary healthcare centers are not able to provide essential and quality healthcare services due to the lack of technology. 

Here the role of the health ATM Kiosks is coming. Clinics on the cloud have such significant innovations with health kiosks. What are the health kiosks? How does it work? How does it strengthen healthcare services? All you will learn in this article. If you want the same information, read the complete article. 

How do the health kiosks strengthen healthcare services? 

  • Clinics on cloud welcomed the health kiosk in order to improve the services and facilities in the healthcare industry 
  • now, there are many states using the health ATM ( health kiosks) in the form of various healthcare initiatives to promote the preventive and primary healthcare screening
  • The Indian government is also starting to use health kiosks to boost primary healthcare services by providing trending technology blogs, especially in the rural areas where there is a lack of qualified and experienced doctors. 
  • It offers a complete body checkup in a few minutes only and disseminates preventive and primary healthcare services through integrated testing devices. 
  • It also gives a quick health snapshot of the patient’s health
  • Using the health ATM kiosks by clinics on the cloud and other primary healthcare centers strengthens the healthcare services and enables the centers to give the point of care testing 

Patients’ health records in digital format by health kiosks

  • Health kiosks also provide the health records of the patient in digital format. This form gives better healthcare facilities to the patients 
  • It is considered the economical and viable solution because it reduces the need to visit hospitals and healthcare centers by the patients 
  • They are proving a practical solution because it is operated by the trained medical staff 
  • It helps to make better referral management and save the time the people usually spend visiting the healthcare centers at the long distance 

Diagnostic, screening, and medical device integration facilities 

Health ATMs from clinics on the cloud are integrated with medical devices that enable testing services. Testing services consist of the Pulse oximeter, HB analyzer, digital stethoscope, fetal heart rate Doppler, infrared thermometer, blood pressure machine, etc

It covers a broad range of healthcare diagnostic and screening facilities, including the various parameters to perform the urine test, Lipid profile, Hemoglobin, Malarial parasites, etc., along with Rapid tests. Health kiosks are also enabled to capture data from the integrated devices automatically. 

Health Kiosks: Wellbeing and the health checkup points 

Apart from the use of the health kiosks at the healthcare centers, they are also used in public places to check the well-being and health point of use and also allow them for instant body checkups. 

Health kiosks are used at public places such as airports and railway stations, where the passenger allows for a quick checkup. In this way,  the people are inspired to adopt a healthy lifestyle and serve as a lifestyle correction through this checkpoint. 


A health kiosk is considered an economical as well as an affordable tool that plays the leading role in Primary Health care services. Check the clinics on the cloud to know more about the health kiosks. 

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