How Long Can You Have Cancer Without Knowing About It?



When you read about cancer or learn that a family member or loved one has been diagnosed, it’s natural to have many questions. Could you be dealing with a malignant growth somewhere in your body?  Is it necessary to screen you? 

Indeed, some malignancies are discovered only after symptoms appear. This could happen after the disease has progressed or a tumor has grown so large that it can be felt or visible in imaging studies. Yet, many malignancies can be detected early, before symptoms appear. If your health is detected and treated early, you have the best chance of survival and a healthy quality of life. However, if your doctor has failed to diagnose you on time, you should talk to Syracuse Delayed Cancer diagnosis lawyers as soon as possible. 

Cancer types that are more likely to go unnoticed 

Some malignancies are easier to identify than others. For example, some kinds of skin can be diagnosed based solely on the visual examination – although a sample is required to confirm the diagnosis. Some cancers, however, can start and grow undiagnosed for ten years or more, according to one study, making detection and treatment even more challenging. 

Below are some types of cancers that show little to no symptoms in the early stages and how they are usually diagnosed or detected: 

  • Testicular cancer 

When cancer begins in one or both testes, a man may continue with no evident indications or symptoms for a considerable amount of time. A telltale bump within the scrotum may typically be seen with regular testicular self-checks, although not always. 

  • Cervical cancer 

Symptoms do not usually occur until the malignancy has progressed. Regular Pap smears can aid in detecting precancerous cells and lead to treatments that can prevent them from becoming cancerous.

  • Pancreatic cancer 

Symptoms might be mild and normally not apparent until the malignancy has advanced. As a result, survival rates are not very high. 

  • Breast cancer 

Self-examinations, like in testicular cancer, can frequently uncover lumps or other abnormalities in the breast that signal early-stage breast cancer. Frequent mammograms are especially important for detecting cancers when they are small, and there are no other visible symptoms. 

If you are concerned about symptoms connected with certain cancers, you should immediately consult your doctor. However, doctors are not perfect and can often make mistakes that harm you. If your doctor has failed to provide a timely cancer diagnosis, you should talk to an experienced attorney today. 

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