How to Control an Android Phone Remotely?

Control an Android Phone

Control an Android Phone

control  You may have lost your phone. Someone snatched it, and you want to delete the confidential data remotely. The advanced technology made it possible for you to access your android phone.

Several people look forward to remote control cellphones, and today we guide you about controlling phones without physical access on target android devices. Before we know what it takes to remote control a phone remotely, you need to know who wants to get the job done.

Who wants to control android phones without physical access?

Here are the following reasons people look forward to control someone’s cell phones. Lets’ discuss them in the following:

Control cellphone for setting parental control

Parents and single mothers are more likely to access their underage kids’ smartphone devices. Young kids are obsessed with smartphones. They use cell phones connected to cyberspace and get involved in excessive messaging, sexting, sharing nudes, and making VoIP calls on android phones. Kids are more likely to interact with online predators. They could become victims of cyberbullying, bunny hunting, online dating, body shaming, and sexual assaults. So, parents want to take over android phones to prevent kids from online predators and explicit activities.

Takeover business phones for employee monitoring

Small and large business firms equip employees with smartphones and tablet devices during working hours. Employers interact with their employees and assign them tasks. However, employees use business phones for private affairs and waste working hours. They also use business phones to interact with business clients. Employers want to monitor and control business phones to prevent time-wasting and safeguard intellectual property.

Use a Non-rooted Android spy app to control the target phone remotely.

Spy app for Android is one of the best tools powered by TheOneSpy. It empowers you to access another cellphone device.

You can install a hidden and undetectable spy app on the target phone to monitor and track cellphones without them knowing.


  • Users can control target device cameras and microphones to watch and listen to the surroundings.
  • Moreover, you can spy on any activity on your cell phone and take over the target device remotely.


Use Top of the line Features of TheOneSpy Android spy remotely

You can install the best android spying software on the target device and use the following features to take over a cell phone without getting physical access to the target phone. However, one-time physical access is necessary to monitor cell phones remotely.


Users can limit their screen time on another android phone without physical access to the phone. You can use the spy app and access the web portal to activate the screen-time feature. It enables users to control the target phone and block all the apps on the target device from 1 hour to 12 hours. Users can reduce screen time on android phones.

Live spy 360

Live spy 360 is an exclusive feature that enables users to control cameras and microphones on the target phone remotely. Users can get live streaming of phone surroundings using live camera streaming with audio. You can also share a screen without audio, and connects it with the dashboard.

Live screen recording

Users can use screen recorder software on another phone to record back-to-back videos on an android screen and send the data to the dashboard. You can watch recorded videos via an online dashboard and get to know live activity on the cell phone screen.


TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps for android to take over cell phones remotely. Users can capture screenshots back to back and send them to the dashboard. Users can download captured screenshots and watch live activities on cell phones.

Capture keystrokes

Users can also capture keystrokes on cell phones remotely. You can use keystroke logging software to record and capture applied password keystrokes, IM keystrokes, SMS, and email keypad strikes.

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Track GPS location

Spy app empowers you to track live GPS location on another phone without physical access to the phone. Users can monitor live GPS location, location history, route maps, and mark restricted places by using Google Maps.

Block texting & incoming calls

You can remote control the target android phone and block text messages and incoming calls.


TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps for android that works remotely on the target phone after being successfully installed on target phone. You just need one-time physical access on another phone to get the job done.

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