Important Legal Documents that Every Citizen Should Have

Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Every free citizen is entitled to certain legal obligations as they dwell within a state. The government and other organizations often ask the citizens to show their legal documents as proof whenever they want to get admission, get hired for a job, or have to conduct any other formal proceedings. Legal documents are legal instruments that serve as evidence of the truth and certify the citizen as an enrolled member of the society. Every legal document is important, however, some legal documents are more vital to the state for their citizens. Here is a list of some legal documents that every citizen should have.

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is the first vital certificate that entitles you as a member of society. It has your date of birth, details of birth, and your parent’s name on it. A copy of your birth certificate should be with you all the time, as you can only obtain your identity card on the basis of your birth certificate.

Identity Card

At reaching an appropriate age, which in most countries is set to be 18, the government enrols you as an official citizen of the country and an identity card is issued to the individual that serves as the basic proof of your identity and allows you to enjoy many of the privileges like you can cast a vote, can officially consume alcohol, can get nominated for government jobs, etc.

Documents of Property

If you own some assets then you should have all the legal and original documents and papers of it. Issues of illegal property transference or illegal seizing of assets have been quite common, thus to prove your property, you should have all the legal documents that show you as the owner. To be on the safer side related to property concerns, you should hire an estate planning attorney who could help manage your property and assets.

Educational Certificates

Educational certificates and documents are primarily important when you have to apply for a job. Every organization, even the online jobs, demands a copy of your original educational documents to consider you for hiring. Apart from having a formal education, if you have done any certifications or diplomas, or have attained any other informal education, you should have proof of everything in form of a document, because people do not believe what you say, they believe what you show them.

Driving License

For a driver to be on road, a driving license is very important. You cannot attain a driver’s license until you reach the appropriate age for it. It allows you to have control over your vehicle, and in case of emergency or traffic rule-breaking, the first thing referred to is your driving license.

Marriage Certificate

For married people, it is obligatory to possess a registered marriage certificate. Living together without marriage has become quite common, but such couples are not entitled to enjoy the services that married couples do. Thus according to the official system, a marriage certificate as proof of your marriage is necessary for couples.

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