Midvale is a prestigious high-quality pizza boxes supplier

pizza boxes supllier

pizza boxes supllier

Midvale is a prestigious high-quality pizza boxes supplier that also makes folding letterhead boxes, NWPP shopping bags, business card boxes, and a range of other items. Proudly manufactured in the USA, we are your one-stop store for all things paper. We strive to be the top pizza box supplier in the United States. 

We manufacture a variety of customized pizza boxes such as merchandise boxes with die-cut handles, shopping bags with loop handles, legal-size letterhead boxes, pizza boxes with custom printing as well as business card boxes. Having a large number of offset printers allows us to produce high-quality print work on every project. With cutting-edge technology, we print with acrylic or UVI ink on all types of cardboard. 

Our philosophy is to enhance our customer’s brand image by co-creating value for their product. To achieve this, we provide a few distinctive finish series that attract the consumer’s five senses. We can enhance the packs to make them more appealing by printing in different colors, putting a window in the box so that goods can be seen, polyester roll-up, matt-gloss-soft touch coating, or adding textures to the cardboard.

Despite a variety of offerings, we take no second chances with our quality. The Quality Control department reviews all of the production procedures, and the product may only go to the next step when it has been carefully approved. 

A final inspection is conducted at the end of the manufacturing cycle to ensure that the product fulfills all the customer’s expectations. All the paper boxes and non-woven bags are meticulously tested before delivery, which is the prime reason Midvale Paper boxes and bags are ranked highest in the industry. 

The significance of quality in Leca extends beyond the strict fulfillment of its standards to GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures), which guarantee good manufacturing practices. The commitment of all employees to quality leads to Lean Manufacturing, a tool that helps us to improve our operations continuously.

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