The Most Iconic Furniture from the 70s

Iconic Furniture

Iconic Furniture

The 70s brought a lot with it, but influential and iconic styles must be one of the cornerstones that the entire decade was famous for. Iconic furniture and chair designs had many different styles brought about in the early part of the decade. A lot were quite offbeat and whimsical, whereas others were very trendy and viewed as highly fashionable. A lot of the styles that came about in the 70s are still very popular today. This article is going to discuss in more detail some of the most iconic designs that were born in the 1970s and if they continue to be an influence today.

Hippy Foam Bag

This is a style that is still replicated a lot in modern trends, for instance, with the Fombag. You may often hear people say they think the Fombag is a Lovesac knock off, but the fact of the matter is, the Lovesac takes it inspiration from the hippy foam bags which were popular in the 70s. These were the cornerstone of hippy culture as people would sit around comfortably in their house, listening to whatever was topping the charts at the time and thinking about the world ahead of them.


It was Verner Panton who created the Amoebe chair for Visiona 2 back in 1970. This was a very radical interpretation as to what twentieth century design could end up being like. The domestic environment that they created was supposed to come straight from the future and was made up of modular upholstered units. They weren’t just placed there randomly because of their exciting and vibrant appearance, but they were instead supposed to act as a reflection of the informal attitudes of that era.

They are available in two different sizes and combine colour with elements of theatre to create a design which is truly unique. The whole design is without question an excellent expression of a creatively free time.

240 Primate

This is a design that comes straight from the mind of Achille Castiglioni and was manufactured by Zanotta. The chair is actually a kneeling stool, which is quite sturdy. The base has been painted a jet black with bright white cushions on the stool itself. Castiglioni confirmed that in designing the stool, they were inspired by the interesting way that people in the East sat.

CH101 Lounge Chair

Hans J. Wegner was responsible for the creation of the CH101 chair. It has been reborn in the modern world when it was reintroduced in 2008 by Carl Hansen & Son in a bid to celebrate the Danish manufacturer’s 100th anniversary. The CH101 is quite a masculine seat that has a form with upholstery and a stainless-steel frame. The whole look of the chair strikes an extremely confident pose that a lot of people have got behind.


There are a lot of different styles from the 70s that continue to resonate in the modern world. Some of the most popular designs include the likes of the foam bag, the CH101, and the 240 Primate, all of which were iconic and ground-breaking designs at the time.

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