The Use Of 3D Printed Flags To Your Promotional Plans

printed flags

printed flags

Printed flags for your business promotions are an integral part of any small company or a start-up venture. It is true that in the case of small budgets, as is common with small companies, it is impossible to sustain an elaborate or expensive promotional campaign. 

However, that does not mean as a small company owner you do not have a choice. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to move ahead with business promotions that are proven and affordable at the same time. 


Types Of Promotional Materials 

Let us look at some of the choices of promotional materials available on the cheaper side of things. 

  • Banners and posters
  • Feather flags
  • Promotional clothing
  • Promotional gifts

Among these banners and flags are the most commonly used materials that are both effective in delivering the message and affordably priced. 

These are usable in a variety of places and events.


Places Of Use

Small companies always participate in events and gatherings where a lot of people are bound to visit. The visibility of their company names and logos at such events creates interest and evokes curiosity. 

  • Exhibitions 
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Sponsored events
  • Sports events 
  • Movie premieres and launch events
  • Street fairs 
  • Community gatherings and fairs 


Printed Promotional Materials 

There is a wide range of printed material available for promotional campaigns.  They are made with a wide range of color schemes that make them very eye-catching and highly visible. 

  • You can 3D print anything and they will look amazing
  • Bunch of highly durable materials like vinyl, plastic, or polyester to choose from
  • High gloss finish and lasting durability
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof materials  



Affordability is always a primary advantage of using flags and banners but that is not the only one. There are other advantages too, that are available when banners and flags are used in the promotion of a company name and its line of products. 

  • The use of colorful banners and printed flags placed in a row at indoor and outdoor locations of such venues are very effective in generating visibility. 
  • Company names are easily circulated and brand awareness created among newer bases of potential customers
  • If your company is participating in an exhibition, then having flags present in and around the kiosk or stall always generates interest among visitors
  • The use of bright colors and high-clarity 3D designs and graphic images of the company name and the logo create greater visibility even from a distance
  • Materials like vinyl are weather-resistant and hence very effective for outdoor and indoor placements


Get A Steal Deal 

When you are buying printed banners and flags, there are several sellers to choose from. They offer free design consultations with choices of design templates to opt for. 

All designs come with hardware and placement stands needed to set them up. The stands are easily foldable and are also height-adjustable to operate them according to requirements. 

The price packages are all-inclusive and come at very attractive rates. Each product comes with easy carry cases that make these portable and easy to store when not in use. 


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