Things to consider before renovating your apartment renovation & apartment remodeling

apartment remodeling

apartment remodeling

An apartment renovation & apartment remodeling is different from renovating a detached house because you have shared Spaces in an apartment that will need to be considered as part of your renovation, as well as many very close neighbors who are likely to have an opinion. on any renovation.

Aarcbazar goal has always been to support its customers on heavy renovation, total renovation, or partial renovation projects. His specialty is of course the apartment renovation and the apartment remodeling of houses, through the structural work or the second work. Behind this overall facade, there are real renovation works, sometimes even on the load-bearing walls. A wallcovering with wallpaper from an old apartment, bringing it up to standard with an equipped kitchen, interior fittings, flooring, and many more.

Know the rules

The first thing to do before going any further is to find out what rules your legal person (or body) has set for your apartment renovation approvals. A good starting point for this is to review the strata statutes, as these often contain detailed information on what is permitted so that the comfort and safety of all occupants of the apartment complex are maintained. This may include details of the hours you would be allowed to work, what materials may be used, the installation of the satellite TV or air conditioning, what is not allowed, whether you are allowed to make structural changes, and so on. after.

The purpose of the bylaws is to establish the rules by which everyone in the apartment complex operates in terms of what they can and cannot do to their apartment renovation and also their own conduct within the complex itself. The regulations are there to protect every owner in the apartment complex and ensure the privacy and safety of all residents are maintained.

The strict regulations

Regulations also serve to lay out what can and cannot be done to common property. It is, therefore, best to consult your own local legislation on what is relevant to your place of residence and also ensure that you also obtain a copy of your own apartment complex’s regulations.

Once you find out what the rules are about what you can and cannot do in your apartment complex, the next step is to prepare your design and scope of work and submit it to your agency for approval. . Your legal entity will generally require a combination of the following in order to assess your apartment renovation request:

  • plans and/or design of changes, normally drawn up by a designer or draftsman (for major works)
  • advice and drawings from a structural engineer for any structural work you may want to do
  • a detailed scope of work
  • estimated timelines for your project
  • a schedule of fixtures and finishes, showing in particular changes to fixed flooring.

It is important to be well organized in submitting all of the above to your organization as it may take some time for your requests to be discussed and for you to make a decision.

Cosmetic changes

In some cases, cosmetic changes can be made to your apartment without the need for the formal approvals described above, although again it is best to check with your own apartment complex’s regulations.

Before you consider completely renovating your apartment, ask yourself if you could achieve much of what you’re looking for through inexpensive updates. There are undoubtedly a handful of quick fixes that can make your apartment look completely different, for very little money. Cosmetic changes like paint, a good cleaning (especially of your windows), new knobs on kitchen millwork or wardrobe doors, and updating your carpet can all be done for very little money. money or effort and will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your apartment. Updating your furniture, style, and accessories can also have a big impact on the overall look of your home. Seek the advice of an interior designer if you’re unsure about doing it yourself. In some cases, interior designers will pass on any trade discounts they can get with suppliers, so you’ll save a bit of money by ordering through them if you’re furnishing an entire apartment renovation & apartment remodeling.

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