Make a Statement with a Stick on Tile Backsplash

Hoping to make your kitchen pop? Want to add some texture and color to your bathroom? There  plenty of ways to give your walls a facelift, but stick on tile backsplash has become one of the most popular because it’s so incredibly easy to use and install. When you’re ready to take your home design game up a notch, check out our guide below on how to choose the right peel and stick tile backsplash, where to buy it, and how to install it yourself!

Our Peel & Stick Tiles

Stick-on tile backsplashes can be installed in an afternoon and offer a unique way to customize your kitchen. We have some beautiful peel and stick tiles for your home, which can be customized to match any color scheme. With so many stunning designs available it’s easy to make your house feel like a dream home. Peel & Stick Tiles also offers free shipping across North America, Europe, and Australia.

How To Install A Peel & Stick Mosaic Tiles Tile Backsplash

Installing a peel and stick tile backsplash is an easy, economical way to update your kitchen. There are plenty of different designs you can choose from to customize your kitchen! 

Install Peel & Stick Tiles 

Since peel and stick tiles have adhesive backing, they’re incredibly easy to install. Simply remove the backing and press the tiles onto your surface. For full coverage, make sure you start at one corner and go in rows or columns until the space is fully covered. Add borders if desired by covering the seams between tiles with another border strip of tile along the perimeter or other decorative element such as decal strips or decorative appliques that can be easily applied without adhesives.

Where To Use Peel & Stick Tiles

If you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive, and eye-catching way to add more flair to your kitchen or bathroom, peel and stick tiles are just the ticket. Peel and stick tiles come in an assortment of patterns (cobblestone, brick, diamond), colors (golden-beige and espresso), textures (solid vinyl) as well as sizes (3/8′′ x 4′′ inches). The beauty of these DIY tiles is that they are really easy to install; all you need is hot water, glue and the installation tool. So even if you’re not typically handy around the house – it’s worth giving these peel and stick tiles a try!

Why Choose Us

The walls of your home are not the only areas that need to make a statement, we offer peel and stick tiles for backsplashes as well. Clever Tech Co., Ltd has been designing and manufacturing mosaic wall tiles for over 10 years and we have used our experience to create easy to install peel and stick tiles that can be placed around your kitchen or bathroom sink. The best part about these peel and stick tiles is the fact that they are extremely affordable, unlike other tiles on the market today. They are cost effective so they can easily be removed or replaced at any time if you want something new! They also come in a wide variety of colors, so whether you’re looking for modern or traditional there’s an option for you.

Installation Process Tile Backsplash

Clean surface area to be covered thoroughly before applying peel and stick tiles. Some surfaces may need to be patched, sanded, or finished first. Tiles can’t be applied over old tile adhesive and other non-adhesive surfaces. Non-mildew sensitive materials should not come in contact with adhesive as this could damage the material. Before installing peel and stick tiles, it is recommended that customers check if your surface has any knots, protrusions, staples or wallpapered areas that might interfere with tile installation process by avoiding these during installation of the self adhering tiles. Peel and stick tiles are not recommended for floors, they are only suitable for walls up to 4 feet high. If you have an uneven surface, consider using levelers or spacers to create even spacing between each tile when laying them out on the wall. When starting installation at an inside corner, cut two opposite ends of the adhesive strip into 2 pieces so that one piece will extend past each edge of the corner when installed.

Mosaic Tiles Peel And Stick Installation Steps: 2. Peel back part of backing paper from one end of strip and remove protective film from top side of tile panel 3. Starting at outer edge, line up panels and use pressure to press onto surface until fully adhered 4. Press firmly across entire length to remove air bubbles 5.

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