Top Ten Eco-Friendly Office Products

Office environmental issues are a priority. Bringing green solutions wherever possible is important. The Top Ten lists the best green office supplies and equipment. Each item on the list has been specifically designed by the manufacturer to provide an eco-friendly alternative to existing products. without compromising on quality, practical use or ease of use:

1-Office Products Canon Bright recycled paper

Canon is known for its printers and supplies. with a wide range of recycled papers This makes it possible to add recycled papers to your list with confidence.Made from 100% recycled waste paper, this high-quality 80g paper delivers great results on all office supplies. Available in A3 and A4 sizes, this paper is ideal for general purpose printing as well as important presentations and reports. Please visit our site for Plastic free reviews.

2-Office  Bond recycled envelope

For use at home or at work These versatile envelopes are available in white or manila style. with peel and seal properties Unlike petrochemical plastics, not only is the paper used 100% recycled, but the viewfinder is also made from corn. This means less environmental impact during production. and biodegradable end products that can be recycled into paper recycling waste.

3- Office Products Ecolabel recycled paper cylinder flipchart brand

The flipchart marker from Ecolabel is aptly named with water-based ink. as opposed to hazardous and solvent-based options. In addition to eco-friendly inks, the pen tray is also made from treated recycled paper for maximum durability and usability.

4- Scotch Tape Natural Fiber Magic Tape

Scotch Tape Natural Fiber Magic Tape is one of the most environmentally friendly adhesive tape products. The core is made from 100% recycled cardboard, the dispenser is made from 100% recycled plastic and the tape is made from natural fibers instead of petrochemicals. 

5- Colop Green Line Word Stamp

This ring will definitely get our approval. This self-lubricating seal is made from 80% recycled plastic with an eye for the environment. The ink pad prints sharp thousands of times. And the packaging is 100% colorless recycled cardboard. The only side of this thing that isn’t “green” is the color of the ink… which is red for maximum visibility.

6- Fast Eco Tucker

Also known as the ‘Tack Gun’, this eco-friendly tacker from Rapid’s Eco range is made from 80% recycled plastic, available in a variety of sizes. For hobbyist to industrial use All models come with 100% recycled cardboard printed with soy ink. which reflects the sustainable nature of the product

7- Jiffy green bubble wrap

Blister packs and packaging materials in general are a concern for the environment due to the waste produced. With its green bubble wrap, Jiff has managed to solve this problem by using 100% recycled polyethylene, suitable for all forms of cushioning, packaging and gap filling. This recycled material offers maximum protection with minimum impact on the environment.

8- Aurora EcoCalc Calculator

Ecovcalc is one of the most environmentally friendly electronic devices on the market. with recycled plastic keyboard Zero air duct and 90% recycled packaging. You won’t find a more environmentally friendly calculator. 

9- Concord Half Sheet Briefcase

With a half-flap briefcase, the Concord has the perfect document storage for all your important documents. Made from 100% recycled 285g cardboard, these durable folders save the planet and your important documents.

Inkjet cartridges 10-5 stars

These compatible inkjet cartridges are remanufactured from empty OEM printer cartridges and contain 70-90% recycled materials and components by weight. ‘Official’ and high proportion of recycled materials They are also packaged in R-PET plastic containers containing up to 80% recycled plastic.All cart ridges comply with European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction) regulations to ensure protection.