Tourist Places To Visit In Fujairah

places to visit in Fujairah

places to visit in Fujairah

Fujairah is a city of wonder. It has a lot of tourist destinations and beaches to increase the tourism in the city. Here, in this article, we have shared four places to visit in Fujairah. If your will to visit, car rental Fujairah can help you and your family to enjoy your trip on max. Let’s have a look. 

Fujairah Fort And Fujairah Village

Fujairah Fort, the UAE’s oldest fort, was previously used as a defensive fortification as well as the dwelling of the royal dynasty. It is among the must places to visit in Fujairah. For years, it was the only stone structure along the Fujairah shore. Fujairah Fort, built in 1670, is a testament to the region’s rich history. It’s a mud-brick structure with three main sections, many halls, one square tower, and two circular towers.

In the morning, a caretaker opens the fort’s teak wood doors for tourists. The Fujairah Heritage Village, which borders the Fujairah Fort, displays the traditional way of life of the residents. This place of Fujairah, as well as culinary equipment and farming tools from the past.

A peculiar Ay Yazrah irrigation method is also illustrated, which uses working bulls to irrigate fields. The Fujairah Department of Archeology and Heritage built it in 1996. It is now the finest way to grasp the deep relationship between Fujairah’s past and present.

Snoopy Island

The Island has grown in popularity as a destination for waterspouts, activities, and music festivals. This beautiful island is known as the aquatic places to visit in Fujairah. The curiously shaped rock that appears like the Disney character Snoopy laying on its back gives Snoopy island its name. Snorkelling and diving are common aquatic activities in this area. Beautiful reefs filled with shoals of marine life surround the region, where you can occasionally sight turtles and tiny sharks. The island also offers advanced diving training as part of its PADI-approved four-day program. Apart from water sports, guests can stay in one of Sandy Beach Resort’s many lovely beach villas or pitch a tent and cook out.

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Al Badiyah Mosque

Al-Badiyah Mosque, also referred to as the Ottoman Mosque, is the UAE’s oldest mosque. It was naming after the village that historically surrounding the sacred site. The mosque is surrounded by several other archaeological structures. Because of their close vicinity, these sites, including the mosque, are known as “Al Badiyah Archaeological Mosque.” Four guard towers, stone walls and ruins of old defunct buildings, and several stones with petroglyph and engravings make up the site.

Al-Bidyah Mosque, built in 1446 AD, is a basic mud and brick edifice that demonstrates the craftsmanship of the time and location. The mosque is supported by a single interior pillar and has four pointed domes. The mosque’s prayer hall features arches and aeration openings, as well as a mihrab. The hall is enhanced by a red carpet with white polka dots and books on the wall shelves. It is considered greatest of mosque also places to visit in Fujairah. 

Non-Muslims are allowed to see into the mosque, which is nestled along the coastal road on such a low hillside, but must be adequately dressed. They must remove their shoes and cover their hair for women. Near the mosque, there is also a large graveyard with a large tomb dating back towards the Iron Age. A number of artifacts, ceramic pieces, and arrowheads discovered date back to early 1000 BC.

Bithnah Fort

Bithnah Fort is a historic structure located just outside Fujairah city, overlooking all the vital roads that pass through Wadi Ham and cross the Hajar Mountains. It was built in 1735, is located 13 kilometers from Fujairah city on the major route. Bithnah Fort is also reported to be the location of a megalithic T-shaped tomb from the second millennium BC that was resurrected during the first millennium BC. If I were there in Fujairah, I must look for such places to visit in Fujairah. 

It used to play an important part in the security of the UAE’s eastern area. The fort was built of stones, mortar, and plasters, resulting in a square-shaped construction with two outposts on the west side. The fort provides a picture-perfect perspective of the nearby region after you’ve arrived. The exact source of the fort is unknown, adding to the wonder of the location and drawing a huge number of tourists. It is also readily available due to clearly indicated road signs.

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