What makes men prone to digestive issues in their 40s

The brain is said to be the CPU or Central Processing Unit of the human body which is true as it controls all the functions of the body.healthy food Be it digestion, reproduction, or voluntary or involuntary action every aspect of the body has a direct or indirect connection with the brain. Any misfunctioning of the brain has its trickle effect on the entire body. 

 But doctors consider the gut as the second brain. What do they mean by that? No gut is also controlled by the brain and not the other way round. So, why then is gut being said to the second brain? 

It is in the sense that every minor issue to the brain makes the whole body uncomfortable and it becomes difficult for the person to feel normal. Similarly, any malfunction of the gut also affects the whole body and mind. It is not like a pain in the leg, that you just apply a painkiller ointment and continue with your work. When your digestive system or gut is out of order, even pills like Cenforce 100 mg and Fildena 15 0mg will not work. You must have observed that when your stomach is disturbed due to constipation, or any issue, your mind is fully occupied by its thoughts. 

It becomes difficult to ignore it and concentrate on work or studies. The issues with digestion spike in men in their 40s. Now, is this just a guess or there are reasons for this supposition? Let’s find out in this article. 

Healthy food so special about the 40s?

Do many people feel that why health issues and especially digestive issues aggravate among men in their 40s? This has a logical basis that does not require an MBBS degree to understand. When men reach their 40s, they are at the peak of their health. The next phase of life is old age. Hence, in their 40s after reaching the peak of health, it starts to decline towards old age. The body starts prepping itself both physically and mentally for the transition to old age. This is why in the 40s one can see a slight decline in the digestive process which may not seem a big issue at that age. 

The digestive system starts getting weak, the body is not agile as it was in the twenties or thirties. These things are not considered by most men therefore, they take certain pills to match their activity in their young days. This is why doctors advise eating less oily foods aged men because it will be difficult for their digestive system to break it down. In the 20s and 30s, the blood circulation is superb, organs work at full potential hence, any type of food is easily assimilated by the body. Men must understand the transitional nature of the 40s and try to adapt to changing health situations because pills will give relief temporarily because the inert health is declining after the 40s. 

Reasons for men prone to digestive issues in the 40s

healthy food items

One of the major reasons for men suffering from digestive problems in their 40s is the heavy consumption of rich foods. Rich food means items containing a high level of cholesterol and sugar additives. Such food items are hard to break down even by the digestive system of men in their 30s, then in their 40s it will take more time and cause difficulty in the stomach. As you age and enter your 40s you must become health-centric or else you have to suffer tremendously in old age. Reduce the intake of fast food or try to eat as many home-cooked dishes. 

Rich food items cause bloating, loss of bowels and weakening of the body due to loss of fluids from cells and tissues. 

Improper eating timing

It is not enough to eat healthy food but it is equally important to food at the regular time. Having a fixed routine makes the brain send instructions accordingly as it is habituated to do so. A usual meal takes between 3 to 4 hours to get fully digested. This is the reason it is advised to go to sleep 3 to 4 after eating food. This is because if you directly go to sleep after eating, your digestion will be under process. The breakdown of food particles, secretion of enzymes and all such processes would be going on and might get affected. Such men in the morning complaining about unclear bowels. 

Not chewing food properly

One must chew the food properly before pushing it into the food pipe. When teeth crush the food, it becomes easy for the get to break it down with enzymes and hormones. But nowadays due to an incorrect lifestyle, no one chews food properly. Thus, half-chewed or sometimes fully unchewed food enters the gut. The gut then takes more time to break down fully because teeth haven’t done their job. Hence, digestive issues become a possibility leading to the consumption of pills like Vidalista 60 mg from Powpills.

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