Which Type Of Pillows Are Best For Side Sleepers?

A woman peacefully resting on a bed, her head gently supported by a pillow specific for side sleepers

A woman peacefully resting on a bed, her head gently supported by a pillow specific for side sleepers

When you slept overnight at a hotel, friend’s house, or relative’s house, have you ever pondered what sort of mattress they were using because you wanted to have one for yourself? That’s a dead giveaway that your pillow needs to be replaced. However, not all side sleepers will fit into every pair of shoes, so it’s crucial to make sure your cushion fits your specific size and preferred napping position. 

Selecting a perfect case for your pillow makes sure to search for a box pillow case. Tall and lofty pillows are the best for side sleepers (which is another phrase for height in pillow jargon). Imagine yourself resting on your side lacking a pillow; the void created by your neck and head sinking into the mattress will cause your spine to become misaligned. This is the result of having a thin or unsupportive cushion.

Simba Firm Hybrid Cushion:

Anyone who sleeps on their side knows that the secret to comfort is to find the ideal balance between an uncomfortable pillow and one that is just the right height to fit your shoulder. To prevent stiffness in the neck and back, your cervical vertebrae must be in alignment with your upper spine. By incorporating three layers that can be taken off and rearranged to fully personalize the sleeping experience, Simba’s Hybrid Firm Pillow has hit gold. Aero coil, a stiff and springy layer, is constructed of Simba’s synthetic down, while the other two layers of down are soft and composed of Renew down.

Saatva Latex Cushion:

During our tests, the pillow conformed precisely without buckling or sinking, and the outer chamber’s soft micro denier fibres felt just like natural down. If you use both the inner and outside chamber, the pillow possesses an 8-inch profile; if you would rather have less loft, you may easily separate the two halves. Even our team’s hot side sleepers found this model to be cool because latex naturally possesses cooling qualities.


  • Responsive latex core cushioning with down-like micro denier fibres provides balanced support.
  • The loft’s chambered architecture lets owners modify it.
  • Cotton fabric is certified sustainable and breathable.


  • Too thick for stomach-position combination side sleepers
  • Sticker prices could be prohibitive for those on a tight budget.

Harmony In Purple:

One of my favourite pillows is the Purple Harmony; although it’s not as fluffy as an artificial feather pillow, it still feels airy and lightweight when you lie on it. The Talalay latex that makes up the cushion’s core offers enough head protection and prevents the cushion from collapsing, while Purple’s GelFlex Grid runs over the topmost layer and offers soft, squishy comfort.


  • Three alternatives for height
  • Encourages ventilation to make sleeping cooler
  • You may machine wash the cover.


  • Perhaps too unusual for those who want a typical foam pillow.

Cooling Side Sleepers by Eli & Elm:

When sleeping on your side, the accommodating Eli & Elm Cooling Side Sleepers pillow’s U-shaped cutout accommodates your shoulder. It’s excellent for anyone who switches positions because it also supports your neck comfortably when you sleep on your back.

Comfort Fit Sleep Number Mattress:

The Comfort Fit pillow from the Sleep Number brand combines the benefits of both down and real foam, making it the ideal combination of both worlds. Inside the Ultimate Comfort Fit model are three inserts, each filled with memory foam and fibres substituted for down. The pillow never becomes flat thanks to the stuffing, which gives it a nice, fluffy feel. I’ve had mine for months and I love it; it has to be among the pillows you use for sleep every night.


  • For side sleepers, moveable inserts provide height adjustment
  • Includes a machine-washable and detachable cover.


  • Perhaps too costly for some customers

Snuggledown Side Sleepers Pillow: 

As the Simba Hybrid above demonstrates, speciality pillows may get rather pricey. Thus, it’s reassuring when a cushion that costs merely £15 accomplishes its intended purpose. The Snuggledown Side Sleepers Pillow is the perfect pillow for you if you want basic neck support without any fancy cooling features or personalization. Because of the “deep box wall” structure, the top and bottom covers are joined by a single seam, giving it a cuboid shape that features all flat corners. As a result, you’re provided with a tall, full, firm cushion without any of the hardness that sometimes comes with memory foam thanks to the hollow fibre filling.

Final Words:

Pillows range in price from less than $20 to $200 or more. This implies that practically anyone can get a reasonably priced, accommodating pillow. Additionally, a lot of mattresses provide a sleep trial, which allows you to return them for the full amount if you decide they weren’t worth it.

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